Sales Optimization

Cedalion Talent Areas of Focus and Methodology

1. Stronger Incoming Talent

Do you know what makes a great salesperson? 

We walk through your goals and challenges to better understand your specific needs so we can prescribe the right talent to drive business success. We look at the whole person: what drives them, how they learn and adapt, and the experiences they have amassed along the way. 

2. More Diverse Teams

Your target customers share many of the same challenges, but their individual experiences are vastly different. 

Just as your customer base comes with a range of experiences and perspectives, so should your sales force. In fact, studies show that when at least one member of a team has commonalities with a customer, the entire team better understands that customer, too.

We help you build diverse teams that can identify with your customers and empathize with their wants and needs in order to drive success. When your people are connected to your customers, only great things can happen.

3. Quicker Ramp Time

It’s not just about how eager your sales team is to dial and follow through with leads, prospects, and customers. It’s also about how quickly they learn and adapt to new information and potential challenges. 

Knowing that not everyone starts at the same line, we help you assess for the right dexterity so your new hires can help you work toward achieving your business goals sooner.

4. Improved Performance for Existing Sales Team

Once you have established your needs goals, we help you assess your existing sales team with a focus on talent alignment. Through our highly-customized training programs and recommendations, we work with your team to make sure everyone is in the right role and that there are clear expectations. 

Our dedicated approach to assessing, analyzing, designing, and implementing the right solutions for your existing team will improve their performance—and your bottom line.

5. Ongoing Development, Learning, and Coaching

The most successful businesses are the ones who operate with a learning mindset. 

As your business grows and markets change, we will be there to help you develop the right programs to keep your employees sharp. From skills-based learning to business coaching and succession planning, we work closely with your leadership and sales teams to make sure you continue on a successful path. 

These highly-customized development plans range from leadership, to mid-level management, to individual level. We help you better understand the needs of your teams based on their dynamics, as well as the evolving needs of each individual employee, so you can get the best out of your people.

6. Higher Engagement

Your success is inextricably linked to your employees’ engagement. 

Our job is to help you unlock the secrets to what keeps your sales team engaged so they can drive business results. We look at your employees’ individual needs, how they like to be rewarded for their work, what about your company mission drives them, and create an open two-way communication between sales and leadership to continuously improve engagement across the board.