Partnering for Success

When you work with Cedalion Talent, you’ll gain access to leading-edge software partner solutions that help you identify gaps, align goals, and create custom strategies for success:

Consulting Partners

In this rapidly evolving market where human capital opportunities are always changing, our partnership with top industry consultant organizations expands our capabilities to fulfill your need for unique human capital.

Cedalion Partners

In addition to corporate advisory services, Cedalion Partners also provides counsel to leading private equity firms.

Predictive Index

More than just an assessment, this leading talent optimization platform focuses on empowering businesses and organizations by aligning their people to produce optimal results.

Capital H Consultants

We create and lead experiences that generate team unity and inclusion, coach leaders to lead with empathy and authenticity and design human-centric work cultures that harness the power of human connection to fuel organizational transformation.

Technology Partners

By working with leading-edge technology providers, we can attain data to identify and prioritize human capital expectations, allowing you to grow your people and business.


Crelate helps you make more placements with an all-in-one modern staffing & recruiting agency platform


Powerful HR solutions with exceptional follow-through


Using on-demand, web-based tools and 360-degree feedback and performance reviews, EchoSpan helps you gain control over employee performance management and leadership development programs.


Entromy is a talent insights platform that helps executives drive value creation and mitigate risk. With Entromy insights, you can rapidly understand organizational network dynamics through collaborative surveys; providing real-time, in-depth insights that serve as a roadmap for how to grow and confidently move forward.