What is CT-26?

Personalized Performance Coaching

Everyone has their own needs and opportunities. CT-26 coaches recognize that all leaders are different and require bespoke solutions to maximize engagement, behavior change and results. CT-26 coaches work one-on-one to determine the greatest areas of growth and to define how accountability will work.

Typical performance areas include:

In our Coaching practice, we balance challenge and support – some sessions are more support-oriented and others are more challenging.  In all cases, our Coaches are candid and supportive. In all cases, we earn the right to ask challenging questions. You will always be heard and respected but making progress sometimes means being direct.

CT-26 Practice Areas

  • Leadership Performance Coaching
    • Executive leadership and presence
    • Self-awareness and behavioral modification
    • Strategic thinking and planning
    • Prioritization and goal setting
    • Interpersonal communication
  • Sales Performance Coaching
    • Identifying the right behavior attributes
    • Self-awareness and behavioral modification
    • Selling skills, methods, and knowledge
    • Personal development plan
    • Gauging aptitude to improve
    • Goal setting, execution, and measurement

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CT-26 Performance Coaching Approach

We begin our coaching journey with your agenda. We categorize your agenda into one of four areas, according to the rung they fall on:

Accountability and objective data are the undercurrents of CT-26 performance coaching engagements. Working with you, the coach will create an ongoing accountability structure with weekly/bi-weekly check-ins to monitor and support progress. Everyone has their own needs, so early in the coaching relationship a coach will explore the agenda, frequency of coaching, and preferred accountability approach

CT-26 Performance Coaching Benefits 

The CT-26 performance coaching program helps improve the skills which people need to be leaders. Participants often move from passivity and self-doubt to self-assurance, decisiveness, and bold decision-making. Areas, where CT-26 performance coaching leaders have benefited, include:

  • Improved strategy and execution to drive better results
  • Openness and receptivity to new ideas
  • Fostering organizational learning culture
  • Elevated self-awareness 
  • Champion, manager, and implementer of change
  • Enhanced leadership and team building