What is CT-26?

CT-26 is Cedalion Talent’s proprietary approach to drive accountability and improve performance for one-on-one coaching engagements.

In practical terms, it takes approximately 26 weeks to enact applied behavioral change. 26 weeks is the barrier between concept understanding and behavior application. Thus, the name of our practice:  CT-26 Performance Coaching.

CT-26 approaches coaching engagements as a mechanism for catalytic change within our clients’ environments, whether specific to an individual employee’s approach at work or the strategy employed by our clients. Change is risk and opportunity. Change can be paralytic.

It’s All About Accountability

Accountability is the primary driver of the CT-26 performance coaching engagements. We hold our clients and ourselves to the highest standards to deliver the desired performance improvement. We work backwards from goals and desired outcomes to prescribe and implement a specific approach, aligning weekly or bi-weekly to measure progress with our clients.

Personalized Performance Coaching

Everyone has their own needs and opportunities. CT-26 coaches recognize that all leaders are different and require bespoke solutions to maximize engagement, behavior change and performance results. CT-26 coaches work one-on-one with their clients to determine the greatest areas of growth and define how each client wants to be held accountable for their outcomes. When it comes to accountability in coaching, there is no room for vagueness.

CT-26 Practice Areas

  • Executive leadership and presence
  • Self-awareness and behavioral modification
  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Sales and deal coaching
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Prioritization and goal setting
  • Effective delegation

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