Let Human Potential Drive Your Business Success

We meet you where you are and guide you to where you want to be. Cedalion Talent uses state-of-the-art data to create transformational changes.

As your accountability partner, we help you take your business to new heights. 

Take the Guesswork Out of Talent Development

Human beings are complex, individual, and unique.

So how do you make good decisions about hiring people you don’t know? How can you level the playing field and take bias out of talent decisions? 

For one thing, identifying the right strategy and balancing quantity with quality can be daunting. With finite time and resources, leaders often rely on gut instinct, intuition, and subjectivity in their approach to talent development. 

But if you’re like most leaders we work with, you want to know your efforts will have a measurable impact and return results that lift your organization to the next level. 

As a leader, you have a responsibility to the individuals you manage. A well-facilitated human capital strategy gives you access to the heights of human potential and leadership and lets you develop specific skills and traits.

At Cedalion Talent, we take the guesswork out of creating an exciting and highly productive working environment.

Who We Are

At Cedalion Talent, we embrace talent analytics to develop custom service and support paths designed to accelerate human potential and leadership. 

We are experts by doing.

We apply modern training techniques in our delivery to help facilitate functional and effective human capital management.

In a world run by software, artificial intelligence, and analytics, we’ve stayed ten steps ahead to bring you a clear understanding of how data can help you capitalize on opportunity.

With a talent blueprint for your evolving business needs, we help you identify and prioritize human capital expectations then grow your people and business to new heights.

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Solutions That Exceed Your Expectations

Our approach is people-driven. 

We ask questions and have conversations to learn as much as we can about your company’s goals, culture, and human capital engine. 

We reframe problems, build excitement around opportunities, and work tirelessly to help you achieve your aspirations. 

We measure and diagnose opportunities to develop and improve individual, team, and organizational performance.

But data alone is not enough.

In fact, data for the sake of data can be damaging, particularly in the hands of the uninformed and unguided.

It’s critical to understand the story the data is telling. Weaving that story around your people and strategy informs the path forward. Our consultants help you make meaningful use of analytics to drive individual and organizational change.

Did You Know?

The Behavior Formula

“Behavior is a function of personality and environment.” B=f(P,E) (Kurt Lewin)

Only 29% Are Successful…

74% of organizations say they want to be data-driven, but only 29% are actually successful connecting analytics to valuable insights. (Forrester, 2016)

Who is Responsible?

Managers account for 70% of engagement and culture. (Gallup, 2017)

When real data guides decision making, you increase the odds of success. Our outcome-based, 4-step process helps you figure out solutions and turn objectives into actions:

Step 1


What objectives are you working towards?  Do your people enable or hinder your business success? Could you be missing vital clues in your human capital strategy that could impact outcomes and goals? 

We help you understand and define your business goals with tangible deliverables, high level outcomes, and capitalized human potential.

Step 2


What is the right mix of software, services, coaching, and guidance to produce an engaged and productive environment for your business? Who are the leading edge software partners to help you execute and achieve strategic goals?  How can you gain and apply insights you never knew were possible? 

We’ll help you discover a path and develop a strategy that leads to productive, fulfilling, and successful outcomes. 

Step 3


How do you use software, training, and support to guide you towards predictable business outcomes? How do you apply specific software and services to ensure that they have a positive impact on your goals? 

As your accountability partner, we work with you to implement data and help deliver programs that deliver results.

Step 4


How do you utilize new skills and ensure that your team is never “flying blind?” How do you initiate and make the most out of new information and software? How do you increase and extend support and services to every level of your organization? 

We empower you to apply insights to develop, utilize, and access new skills that lead to greater success.

Let us guide you to uncover insights and develop strategies for success.

Partnering for Success

When you work with Cedalion Talent, you’ll gain access to leading-edge software partner solutions that help you identify gaps, align goals, and create custom strategies for success:

Predictive Index

More than just an assessment, this leading talent optimization platform focuses on empowering businesses and organizations by aligning their people to produce optimal results.


As the world’s leading Conversational Learning (CL) platform for leadership enablement, utilizing LeadX within your organization can improve employee engagement, elevate managerial competence, and increase productivity. 


Using on-demand, web-based tools and 360-degree feedback and performance reviews, EchoSpan helps you gain control over employee performance management and leadership development programs.


PerceptionPredict uses human-centered, data-driven AI based on your company’s data to deliver talent performance predictions that can help guide your hiring decisions.

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